Apex Legends players highlight major concern about Revenant in Season 4

Joe Craven
Revenant from Apex Legends standing and looking angry

Players of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends have shared their concerns regarding Revenant, a new legend who is set to be added with the inception of Season 4, on February 4. 

Since its February 2019 release, a few bugs have plagued Apex Legends and frustrated players. Among others, significant controversy has surrounded Pathfinder, the traversing robot who has proven incredibly popular among players.

The complaints are because Respawn have never quite managed to balance Pathfinder’s hitbox. This is due to his slender frame, which can make him an especially hard target. Players have complained consistently, with many feeling the robot benefits too much from being hard to hit.

Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder’s hit box has been a topic of controversy in the Apex community.

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It seems those fears are now moving over to Revenant, the game’s new legend coming in early February. 

“The hitbox looks more frightening than pathfinders noodle frame,” one Apex player said, referencing Revenant’s thin skeletal aesthetic.

While different hitboxes are commonplace in any game – reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of certain characters – players find it incredibly frustrating to die to an opponent due small or malfunctioning hitboxes. 

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Respawn have been up to their trademark tricks of disguising his abilities and teasing Revenant’s implementation. In a recent teaser, he was seen to be stabbing Forge, seemingly to cement his addition as the next legend. 

Current leaks suggest movement will be a massive part of Revenant’s abilities, with many comparing his movement to that of a spider: “his crouching and wall climbing animations are so spider-like. It will be a nightmare shooting at him while he is dodging and weaving around.”

This, paired with the seemingly tiny character model, have led to many concerns over how difficult Revenant will be to hit, particularly when he is moving.

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Hitbox concerns are nothing new to FPS games. Many games are criticized for their poor hit registration and inconsistencies among characters.

For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been accused of having poor hit registration, while Rainbow Six: Siege has long suffered from issues with specific operator hitboxes, like the FBI’s Ash. 

In Apex, bigger characters like Gibraltar and Caustic can sustain extra damage to balance their bigger hitboxes, while smaller characters like Wraith have the opposite effect.

We’ll have to wait and see how Revenant plays in-game, but fans are voicing their concerns that his hitbox will turn out to be Pathfinder 2.0.

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