Apex Legends players demand Ranked changes to avoid bad teammates

Shay Robson
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The Apex Legends community are demanding changes to the requirements for ranked queue in order to avoid playing with new players as teammates.

Ranked queues aren’t exactly perfect, and no matter which game you play there’s a plethora of problems to deal with.

From smurfs and cheaters, to boosted players who don’t deserve their rank, it can be frustrating to play with random teammates.

However, the Apex Legends community have banded together, demanding that the devs increase the requirements to play ranked.

Apex Legends anti-cheat
Apex Legends was released over three years, and its playerbase is still going strong.

In a Reddit thread posted on August 6, Apex Legends fan Mayors_Son hit out at the devs and questioned why the ranked requirements haven’t been increased since release.

Since the launch of Ranked Leagues back in Season 2, the only requirement needed is to be above level 10. However, it’s now been over three years since the ranked queue was introduced, and no changes have been made.

“Can we not have ranked locked behind level 50 at least,” the player wrote. “Half the teams in plat lobbies are smurfs. Level 25 players with 10 kills winning games. It so obvious and annoying. Respawn is absolutely murdering this game for the above average player,” they said.

Others in the thread suggested a different idea, proposing that the devs force players to connect a phone number to their account. As noted by fans, this method has become increasingly popular in recently, with games such as Dota and Overwatch adopting the idea.

“Ranked should only be for people who connect their cell. Dota did it ages ago and it cut down smurfing a lot, even if it’s not perfect,” said one. “All they have to do is require a phone number to have an account. Problem solved mostly,” another wrote.

With the game slowly creeping up to its 4th anniversary, the Respawn developers may consider these long-overdue changes. However, only time will tell if they’ll listen to the community on this one.

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