Apex Legends players come up with new LTM after final Ring slap fight

apex legends boxing headerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have pitched a news LTM after one fan showed off a hectic final Ring they experienced during a match.

The conversation surrounding Apex Legends’ LTMs is a constant among the community, as many players feel consistent LTMs should be in the game mode rotation alongside Battle Royale and Arenas.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has teased more LTMs are in the works, but players are eager to pitch their own ideas for modes they think would make fun additions to the game.

Now, players are suggesting a melee-oriented LTM could be a great addition to the game after one player showed off an insanely hectic final Ring.

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Apex Legends players want melee-focused LTM

A post on the ApexLegends subreddit gained traction among the community after it showed off a video of what appears to be a dozen or so players all fighting to survive the final Ring.

However, instead of using guns or grenades, the players appear to use only melee and Legend abilities to survive the ever-enclosing Ring.

While some players compared this idea to Olympus’ Boxing Ring, the area freely lets players leave the ring anytime they want and is only found on one map. Because of this, some players found the idea of a melee-focused LTM pretty intriguing.

“They should add community ideas for LTM like there are so many people tweaking things on Reloaded,” said one player. Others noted the idea sounded fun but would need some balance adjustments to work properly or stay interesting.

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“Looks fun but I wouldn’t play it for 2 weeks, maybe add more impulse to grenades or more movement items,” suggested another player.

A different fan suggested the mode should be, “A boxing ring mode with 5 squads grenades and melee. With a gun with 100 shots in the center of the ring. Maybe have random events where cargo balls spawn in with guns with only the ammo they come with.”

While fans will be getting a brand new LTM shortly in the form of the upcoming Date Night LTM, it’s clear players are always eager for more modes to keep Apex Legends fresh and engaging.

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