Apex Legends players want boxing feature brought to Arenas

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Apex Legends fans are definitely enjoying the new Arenas mode, but an idea to spice up rounds with a little hand-to-hand combat is quickly gaining momentum.

Season 9: Legacy of Apex Legends introduced Valkyrie, map updates, and the brand new 3v3 Arenas mode which plays like CSGO or Valorant with individual rounds, rather than the main battle royale.

The team-based mode is definitely a popular way to break up round after round of dropping in, but one Reddit user’s idea to add a boxing feature similar to Pathfinder’s Town Takeover event is proving to be a very popular suggestion.

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Pathfinder’s Town Takeover let players face off in melee-only madness.

If you remember back to Season 7, players had the option to duke it out during Pathfinder’s Town Takeover event. A special area made up as a boxing arena was set up with rollers inside dispensing high-tier loot. The only catch was any weapons or grenades weren’t allowed.

It definitely proved to be a popular mode, so much so that Reddit user grzesiu447 suggested adding an option to have similar fights determine the outcome of an Arena round.

“During the buying phase, you should be allowed to click a button to offer a fistfight, and if everyone agrees, abilities turn off, you cant buy guns, and middle of the arena turns into boxing ring in which only 1 person from each team can stay,” they wrote, obviously taking inspiration from Pathfinder’s Town Takeover.

“After someone is defeated in a fight, you have to do a finisher, which restores your shield and health, and then another person can enter the ring,” they added. Based on a repost of their original comment getting over 15,000 upvotes at the time of writing, we’d say the player was onto a popular idea.

While it’s definitely an interesting idea, giving players this amount of power over the game type could have unintended consequences, as some users pointed out in the comments: “This would just result in a bunch of people trying to get a punching match and then quitting. Apex players are their own worst enemies.”

Based on how our usual Arenas matches seem to be going in Apex, we could definitely see this being an issue. So while the idea could be fantastic, it might be better off as an Arena LTM sometime in the future, rather than a permanent feature.