Apex Legends players clown Ultimate Accelerant after new animation update

apex legends ultimate accelerant headerRespawn Entertainment

Developer Respawn gave healing items brand new animations in Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey update, but players noticed one left-out item.

The Beast of Prey update for Apex Legends brought with it the new Gun Run LTM along with loads of new cosmetics.

However, Respawn also quietly included brand new animations for the game’s healing items and even some Legends.

However, fans noticed one support item, the Ultimate Accelerant, was left out and are making fun of how little sense its animation actually makes.

Apex Legends players clown Ultimate Accelerant animation

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit noticed the lack of new animation for the Ultimate Accelerant and said “…we’re STILL tapping nonexistent buttons for Ultimate Accelerants.”

It certainly seems like an odd exclusion, as the item’s animation certainly stands out now among the rest of the support items.

For those who may not know, the current animation has the chosen legend pull out a digital screen of some kind, insert a chip into the bottom, and tap the screen randomly while the item activates.

However, the display on the screen simply shows a circular loading icon, while the player’s Legend simply taps non-existent keys.

Players in the community agreed, the animation made little sense. “They’re just pretending to press buttons just like when we awkwardly press buttons and pretend we’re scrolling through our phones in public,” said user paultheway.

Another fan asked what a better animation would be and asked, “So what should we do instead, play Geometry Dash?”

Of course, plenty of players still don’t like Respawn’s decision to change healing animations and said the Ultimate Accelerant didn’t need an update either.

“…The thing that I dislike the most about these changes is that they start doing really dumb changes, why not focus on the UI clutter for charms? Why focus on animations that don’t need adjustments?”

Naturally, it’s impossible to please everyone, but it’s clear that some fans wish Respawn would have gone the extra mile and updated the Ultimate Accelerants’ animations as well.