Apex Legends players call for split removal in Season 15 ranked

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Apex Legends’ intricate Ranked system sets it apart from other battle royale titles, but some players disapprove splits.

Apex Legends Season 15 is almost here, introducing a new map, zip rail system, and new legend. The battle royale’s upcoming season also marks the beginning of a new Ranked mode split.

Seasons are divided into two ranked splits, and there is a soft reset between the two periods. Players earn rewards based on the highest tier achieved in either split. Apex features seven different divisions to grind through.

Splits act as a way to incentivize players to constantly login in and play. However, some players believe casual players don’t have the time to grind, resulting in unfair matchmaking.

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Cheaters have become a serious problem in Apex Legends Ranked.

Should Apex Legends remove splits?

Reddit user BananasBandana argued, “the splits are driving Ranked mode straight into the trash bin. I think the only people who benefit from it are upper ranks 1% players, which is just not the main player base.”

They suggested Apex bring back the old system of having a three-month Ranked season instead of doing a soft reset at the halfway mark.

One player responded, “the split only makes level players flood low-skilled lobbies. It essentially is forced surfing. People would eventually be in the proper lobbies if ranked didn’t reset.”

For example, Season 14 first split ran from August 9 to September 27. Some players believe the placing system would be more accurate if players had more time to earn a rank properly.

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A second user added, “Ranked splits made sense when you couldn’t decay mid-season, but now it feels like they need to be at least changed.”

Another player chimed in, “If I had three months to reach diamond instead of one and a half months of pure grinding, I would play more ranked too.”

The Reddit post received over 1,000 upvotes and around 200 comments from players sharing similar negative experiences.