Apex Legends players are losing it over this Finisher change in Season 14

Alec Mullins
Octane hitting Mirage with a finisher in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 is making some big changes to the game and some fans are upset at the upcoming loss of an iconic finisher opportunity.

Each new season of Apex Legends shakes the game up a little bit from where it was before, but Season 14 is really flipping things over.

In a pre-Season 14 press event, Respawn detailed that certain pieces of equipment, such as the Gold Backpack and Gold Knockdown Shield, will be undergoing a serious overhaul.

While that might not seem to correlate to finishers on the surface, it actually does take away one of the more opportune times to put the execution animations to work.

Apex Legends players upset over loss of game-winning finishers

Apex Legends character hiding with gold knockdown shield
The gold knockdown will be going through quite the facelift in Season 14.

Beginning in Season 14, the gold shield will no longer feature the Self Revive perk. This means when players get knocked, they’ll exclusively have to rely on their squadmates to get back up.

This also means that when the other remaining members of a team get knocked, the squad will be insta-eliminated and that a player carrying a Gold Knockdown will no longer be left crawling around until the enemy teams comes to hunt them down.

While the pro scene has been calling for the removal of this feature for months now, it seems that other parts of the fanbase are having a tough time coming to terms with it.

“Whilst it was annoying to lose to someone sat in an end ring with a self rez I honestly will miss it,” one player said. “The weird and wonderful is what makes this game genre different every time.”

Another fan lamented the loss and suggested that this change should have been one exclusively for the competitive players: “Remove it for ranked sure, but why remove it from casual play? It’s supposed to be fun.”

It wasn’t all pessimistic though. While everyone else was busy sharing their opinions on whether or not the change was good for the game, there was one person who decided to simply sit back and embrace the spectacle.

“The last finisher to win a game in Season 13 will be historic,” they said.

There’s no telling if it’ll happen, but if someone does get a clip of hitting the last game-winning finisher that would certainly be an achievement for the record books.

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