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Apex Legends player shows what happens when Prowlers escape

Published: 11/Apr/2020 12:25 Updated: 11/Apr/2020 12:28

by Andy Williams


As part of Apex Legends’ Old Ways event, players can dive into Bloodhound’s Trials to face-off against Prowlers in exchange for some high-tier loot. But what happens when the beast follows you into battle?

A plethora of welcomed changes came as part of Bloodhound’s lore event, including the highly requested return of Kings Canyon and a permanent ‘Duos’ mode.


Although one unique facet of the Old Ways event is the inclusion of Prowlers — an ancient beast that plays into Bloodhound’s lore, as shown in the cinematic trailer which delved into the character’s backstory.

Bloodhound's cinematic trailer for the Old Ways event.
Bloodhound brought technology into the ‘old ways’ as their village was under attack from a deadly Prowler thirsty for revenge.

Situated in the northwest portion of World’s Edge, players can lock horns with a horde of Prowlers as part of Bloodhound’s Trails, in a bid to earn some high-tier loot and give your squad the best chances when facing enemy teams.


Throughout the event, the biggest threat up until this point has been fending off your foes from attempting to scavenge your hard-earned loot. However, popular Youtuber ‘Zylbrad’ found that Bloodhound’s old foe poses just as much of a threat as the rest of the players on the server.

After toying with the Prowlers for a few minutes, the Australian lured them to the main exit of the cavern, where the hungry beast broke free from the shackles of their chamber and posed as World’s Edge’s biggest threat.

After a toying with the creature for a little, Zylbrad and co. were hunted by the Prowler and found themselves on the receiving end of the Prowler’s wrath as they seemingly struggled to escape the four-legged brute.


Despite his best efforts to keep the Prowler alive, Brad watched on as an enemy team slain their ‘companion’ — which showcased its incredible speed and jumping prowess while hunting both Zylbrad and pajamamax.

But, the Prowler did get their sweet revenge on Paja before bowing out of the server, as it took advantage of Gibraltar’s cumbersome attire and pounced on him as he attempted to scale a building to escape his inevitable fate.

Whether this is an intentional feature or not, this is the first time we’ve seen Prowler’s escape from their dedicated area.


If this is the level of disruption one of the beasts can cause, imagine if an entire horde escaped and wreaked havoc over World’s Edge…


Awkward Apex Legends Wraith cosplay gets Respawn’s stamp of approval

Published: 16/Oct/2020 6:52 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 7:03

by Theo Salaun


Wraith may be Apex Legends’ most popular character for her edgy, troubled look and attitude, but Respawn Entertainment couldn’t help but approve when a cosplayer reinvented the interdimensional skirmisher’s personality while perfecting her signature look.

Popularly shrouded in purple and black, with metal studs, raven black hair, and whited-out eyes, Wraith has a spooky, edgy aesthetic. The character’s lore and personality fit the look, too, as she was a prisoner who had experiments conducted upon her before waking up as an amnesiac with faint, mysterious voices in her head.


While Wraith looks like the inspiration for many of Hot Topic and Dolls Kill’s darker collections, a Twitch streamer and cosplayer by the name of ‘NessPhace’ has subverted her personality while identically mimicking her look. The NessPhace Wraith is less “Interdimensional Skirmisher” and, instead, a little closer in attitude to the teenagers who frequent the aforementioned shops.

Combining a seamless interpretation of Wraith’s aesthetic with the popular socially awkward memes of this year, the official Apex Legends Twitter account couldn’t help but respond and play along with NessPhace’s cosplay.


In Apex Legends, Wraith has brooding, troubled voice lines. She says stuff like, “There’s a thin line between life and death. You can find me there.” Or she’ll even deliver some dramatic, angsty quips like she just finished reading an existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche piece: “Death… like winter… is unavoidable.”

But while NessPhace’s cosplay has her looking just like the fatalistic Void-walker, her personality is a little closer to a teenage scene kid shyly flirting: “What if we both took portal? JK…unless.”

Pointer fingers directed inward, awkwardly rotating in her epic gamer chair, the NessPhace Wraith is one that wants to share portals to the Void together. That makes her cosplay a very stark departure from the infamous TTV Wraiths who prefer to drop by themselves and leave as soon as they’re killed.

wraith apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wraith is a very spooky character, in-game at least.

Aside from the community reaction, which has been overwhelmingly positive, to NessPhace’s new-look Wraith, even Respawn Entertainment got involved. The battle royale title’s official Twitter account responded to her tweet with a simple message: “Unless…”

As of yet, the game’s writers have not confirmed whether or not this new attitude may make its way into the game. But it would be a pretty funny contrast from the somber, nihilistic Wraith we’re all so familiar with.