Apex Legends player nearly dies IRL after stray bullet hits his monitor

Michael Gwilliam
apex legends player shot at IRL

An Apex Legends YouTuber is lucky to be alive after a stray bullet narrowly missed his head and hit his gaming monitor instead.

If you’ve ever played a multiplayer game, chances are you’ve been shot at by an enemy at some point, but for YouTuber ‘MikeCheck,’ his game frantic Apex Legends match got a little bit too immersive.

In a series of social media posts, the Apex Legends player explained how he was competing in the game when out of nowhere, a stray bullet went through the wall and hit his monitor, destroying it.

It was a very close call for MikeCheck, who revealed the bullet was just three inches from his head, and that’s a conservative estimate.


YouTuber survives actual gunshot while playing Apex Legends

Other photos show where the bullet apparently fragmented after hitting the monitor and went straight through the wall.

Unfortunately for the traumatized YouTuber, some players doubted his story, even going as far as to suggest he fired the shots himself for content – something he denies.

“After something traumatic like this, I can’t believe people are telling me I did this myself because at the time of posting I forgot to include the pics of entry holes,” he said. “Blaming the victim is wild, especially on their own assumptions. I’m just happy I’m safe.”

In a follow-up comment, MikeCheck explained how he doesn’t want to live in that house anymore following the shooting.


“I’m still processing it all. I didn’t do a Go Fund Me because I never thought this would go viral and I don’t like the idea of taking sympathy money from people,” he admitted. “I wasn’t gonna even post til a friend said to. I love my setup. Would never do this to myself.”

Amazingly, Mike isn’t the first Apex Legends player to have a stray bullet nearly claim their life this year. Back in April, a player’s Razer headset saved his life while in the middle of competing in the popular battle royale.

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