Apex Legends player “heartbroken” after hilariously losing random friend in seconds

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An Apex Legends player made friends with a random enemy player only to hilariously lose them in a matter of seconds.

With thousands upon thousands of different people playing online games each day, sometimes random players make a connection, even if only briefly.

Sometimes, a good fight can lead friends and foes to put aside their differences to have a short moment of connection.

One Apex Legends player witnessed this firsthand, making friends with a random opponent, only to heartbreakingly and hilariously lose them in seconds.

Apex Legends player makes friend with random enemy

The video in question comes from the Apex Legends subreddit, where user bruhssell posted the clip with the caption “I’ve never been so heartbroken in this game, rest well soldier.”

In the video, bruhssell engages in a fight with an enemy Octane. They’re able to land some solid Wingman shots which would have ended in the enemy’s swift defeat.

However, before they can finish off their opponent with a Prowler burst fire, the opposing Octane begins crouching.

Noticing their behavior, bruhssell mimics the crouching and heads over to greet their new friend.

They immediately drop a Phoenix Kit in an attempt to help their new friend heal up, while the injured player instead drops the Kraber sniper rifle they were carrying.

Unfortunately for bruhssel, it seems as though their new friend had other plans for their interaction, and swiftly took out an Arc Star, stuck it to the floor, and jumped on it to end their match.

The post gained a lot of traction on the subreddit, with plenty of players loving the hilarious interaction.

“The fact that he blew up before he hit the ground made it hilarious,” noted one Reddit user.

User Forar put forward his own theory about the enemy Octane and said “He knew he was beaten and chose an honourable path,” referencing how they dropped their Kraber for bruhssel.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s clear the Apex Legends community appreciated this hilarious bit of camaraderie between opponents.