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Apex Legends player finds Olympus building in real life

Published: 7/Dec/2020 17:35

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends player has found a real building that is strangely familiar to the modular houses found in the new Olympus map.

There’s a lot to appreciate about the new Season 7 Apex Legends map. From its impressive layout to its range of memorable locations, the map has gone down as an overwhelming success with the Apex community. However, surely nobody expected that Olympus’s architecture would be a topic that splits the community.

Answering whether you would like to live in a building from a game can be difficult to answer without a real-life comparison.

Well, luckily enough, an Apex player has discovered a building that looks exactly like the box-shaped houses we’ve come to know so well.


Apex Legends Season 7 launched on November 4, 2020.

Apex Olympus building found in real life

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit has revealed the existence of one of Olympus’ modular buildings in real-life. This has sparked a debate among the community on whether these types of buildings would be good to live in.

Look familiar? Tried to cross post from r/lost_architecture from r/apexlegends

The buildings that the thread is referring to can be found in both Gardens and Estates points of interest in Season 7. These are both extremely popular landing spots, so most players have probably picked up loot from inside these houses.

The box-like buildings are modular in design and give off a strangely futuristic appearance.

Respawn Entertainment
Gardens is one of the most popular drop zones in Olympus.

If the thread has told us one thing, it’s that the architectural preference of the Apex community vastly differs from person to person. Some players have expressed their desire to live in the houses and others have ridiculed those who would want to “live in a box”.


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One user stated that “many people like that…clean, minimal furniture rooms.. I’m one of them.” Unfornutaly, not everyone agreed that these houses are pleasant to live in: “You can do minimalist without the spacial awareness… from an architectural standpoint the houses are incredibly poorly designed.”

Respawn Entertainment
There are 19 major locations on the Olympus map.

It’s obvious that certain Apex players don’t approve of Respawn’s architectural approach when designing buildings.

Either way, it’s quite funny to see the divide between players over their preference in houses. It’s not very often that a Reddit thread on a game sparks a debate about architecture, especially in Apex Legends.