Apex Legends ping system change would make team rotations simple

Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has revealed a new tool that Respawn Entertainment could introduce to the game to improve their already-excellent ping system.

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When Apex Legends launched back in February 2019, one of the most popular features in the game was its ping system, which could be used to communicate with your teammates and alert them to enemies or loot without the use of voice chat.

While many praised Respawn for the system, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and a fan of the game has come up with an ingenious idea that would guide teammates to the items you were pinging.

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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends’ marker system lets you alert players to loot, enemies or locations.
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Suggested by /u/Baby_Pigman on the Apex Legends subreddit, the system would include the ability to place pings on that map that would include a marked path for your teammates to follow.

/u/Baby-Pigman suggests that this would be perfect for informing teammates of where you intended to push next as a team, or to mark a location that your trio should retreat to if you’re under attack from enemy players.

The path wouldn’t appear for enemy players to follow, and would only guide players on your team to the location of the waypoint, so there are no concerns of opponents using your marker to follow your team.

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/u/Baby_PigmanThe path system would direct teammates as to where you want them to go.
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While this idea would act as a quality of life improvement for the ping system, the game’s current version is extremely popular – so much so that Epic Games implemented an almost identical system into their popular title, Fortnite Battle Royale.

Whether Respawn Entertainment would ever choose to implement this idea into their game is unknown, but the developers have yet to make any major changes to the system since the game released so it’s possible they could adopt an idea similar to this in an attempt to freshen it up.

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