Fortnite adds Ping System inspired by Apex Legends – How World Markers work

Season 8 has finally arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale and brought with it a flurry of new content and features, one of which is a major overhaul of the World Marker system. 

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Using this vastly improved World Marker system, players can now mark things on the Fortnite map like never before, adding a whole new layer of non-verbal communication options.

Previously, players were able use World Markers to mark locations on the map where teammates wanted to land from the initial drop, or travel to at some point during the match.

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How the new World Marker system works

Now, in addition to locations, players can use the system to also mark weapons, items, ammunition, and pretty much anything else that can be found on the map.

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Whenever a World Marker is placed on an item or weapon, an icon will pop on all of the team members’ screen that will show an icon of what’s been marked, its rarity, and exact location, including how far it is from that player’s character.

Players can also use a “danger” version of the marker to point out enemies, and this can be activated by either double-clicking the designated button or clicking it once while their weapon is aimed in. 

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Similarity to Apex Legends

It did not take the battle royale community long to notice how similar Fortnite’s newly improved World Marker system is to the Ping system used in Apex Legends.

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Apex’s Ping system is considered by many to be the best feature in the game, so it came as no major surprise that Epic Games decided to add their own version of it in Fortnite.

While players have been poking fun at Epic for using the idea, no one is really complaining, since it’s a very good feature and will only enhance the Fortnite experience even further. 

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For more information about Season 8 in Fortnite, including a breakdown of all additions and changes, you can check out the v8.00 patch notes.

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