Crafty Apex Legends trick lets you cancel gravity cannon mid-flight

Apex Legends Gravity Cannons are a perfect getaway tool with this new trickRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered how to cancel momentum from the Gravity Cannon, allowing you to drop down wherever you like.

One of the new features on Storm Point are the Gravity Cannons that fling players across the map. 

Usually, these send you from one cannon to another, in a path that’s the same no matter what. However, a pair of teammates found a way to cancel their momentum mid-air, allowing you to drop anywhere along the line.

Apex Legends Gravity Cannon trick kills momentum

The Reddit post above shows exactly what we’re talking about. First things first, you’ll need a cooperative teammate to make this trick work.

Head into the Gravity Cannon together and launch close enough so you can hit your ally with a melee attack. Once you’re airborne, simply punch your teammate and you’ll drop right down.

Normally, you end up at the other end of the cannon’s path when you use them and it’s not tough to predict where players will land. However, with this trick, you’re much more difficult to find.

Instead of landing in an enemy ambush, you could be the one pulling off your own sneak attack instead.

Gravity Cannon Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
Players have found plenty of Gravity Cannon tricks during Season 11.

The Gravity Cannons have added a whole new dimension to Apex for Season 11 but the ability to cancel the flight could be one of the most valuable discoveries so far.

Now, you won’t be able to predict enemies’ flight paths but, by the same token, they won’t be able to predict yours either.