Team Deathmatch mode coming to Apex Legends according to leaks

Calum Patterson

Apex Legends is Respawn’s first entry into the battle royale genre, but the development team is set to add the classic ‘Team Deatmatch’ multiplayer mode too, if new leaks are accurate.

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Since its sudden announcement and release on February 4, Apex Legends has grabbed the attention of millions, reaching a milestone of 25 million unique users in only the first seven days.

Data miners have also immediately got to work, digging through the game files in search of any hints at what may be coming soon the the newest battle royale title to take center stage.

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The first major update for Apex Legends went live on February 13 (check out the full patch notes here), and since it dropped, there has been more investigation into the game files for clues.


Some of the supposed ‘leaks’ don’t really indicate much, but this Team Deathmatch leak is much more concrete – given that it explicitly states ‘Team Deathmatch’ within the coding.

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