Apex Legends leak reveals scrapped buffs for Revenant and Mirage

Calum Patterson
Mirage and Revenant on black background with Apex Legends logo

A data miner has uncovered two buffs for Apex Legends characters Revenant and Mirage that never made it to the game – revealing that Respawn had played around with some very powerful abilities for these Legends.

There are never-ending calls from players to have any number of Legends buffed (or nerfed) in Apex Legends, as players pick their favorites and their most annoying opponents.

And Respawn have not been afraid to seriously shift the balance with major buffs and nerfs across the board. These include downgrades like a 35-second cooldown on Pathfinder’s grapple, to a complete rework for Mirage.

Mirage fist bumping himself in Apex Legends
Mirage got a total rework in Apex Legends, but his decoys could have been even more powerful!

But, they have clearly shown some caution as well, as leaked files have found abilities and perks that were presumably considered, before being scrapped.

Scrapped Revenant buff

The game files in question were found and shared by reliable data miner Shrugtal. He explains that Revenant’s scrapped buff would have disabled players from healing when he used his ‘Silence’ tactical ability.

Currently, Silence damages nearby enemies and stops the use of abilities for 20 seconds. Preventing healing too would have been incredibly strong.

Revenant scrapped abilities in apex legends

Scrapped Mirage buff

For Mirage, his scrapped perk perhaps would have been even more annoying that Revenant’s. The code simply states  ‘mirage_flashbang_decoys’, which the leaker explains would have flashbanged enemies that shot the decoys.

Apex Legends code for scrapped buff

Shrugtal discusses these scrapped buffs and more in his video:

Obviously, these buffs are not coming to the game anytime soon, but it is an indication of just some of the ideas that the team at Respawn work on before nailing down the final product.

After the success of Mirage’s rework, game director Chad Greiner explained that they were now considering more overhauls, to Legends including Lifeline and Octane.

We may see some of these proposed reworks in the Season 6 update, which is due to start in mid-August. One thing is for sure though, we won’t be seeing Mirage’s decoys causing any more trouble than they already do.

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