New Apex Legends leaks provides grim update for solos and duo modes

Eli Becht

Apex Legends has some very grim news for players hoping for different playlists coming in the future.

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We’re barely into the start of Season 1 of Apex Legends but leakers are already discovering a lot about the future of the game.

Since Apex Legends launched in February, fans have been calling for a Solos and Duos playlist so they don’t have to play with a full group of friends. 

Pretty much every battle royale game on the market features playlists like that so fans thought for sure it was coming.

Respawn EntertainmentSay bye to solos and duos.
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However, leakers have now discovered that ‘Solos’ and ‘Duos’ files have been completely removed from the game files with the Season 1 patch.

This doesn’t mean the door is shut forever on the chances these playlists will ever become available, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming any time soon.

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Since Apex Legends features Legends with different abilities and playstyles it appears that Solos and Duos have a chance of never being in the cards.

Realm Royale, another battle royale title that featured different character types, found a way to implement Solos and Duos, so all hope isn’t necessarily lost.

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For the time being, it doesn’t look like we should be expecting additional playlists to come to Apex Legends any time soon.

Going into the start of Season 1, players will be stuck with the Trios game mode.

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