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Apex Legends leak claims Vantage coming in Season 14 with Goliath event

Published: 5/Jun/2022 13:31

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Apex Legends leak has claimed that Vantage will be the new legend added in Season 14 and that there will also be a ‘safari’ event where players will encounter a deadly Goliath on Storm Point. 

It’s a little over two months until Apex Legends Season 14 is set to kick-off, however, that hasn’t stopped players and leakers alike from trying to dig up information about the new season.

After a massive leak revealed many of the legends that Respawn have been working on over the last few months, as well as a new map, there is plenty of stuff for players to speculate on.


However, while some have guessed that the likes of Catalyst or Jester might be arriving in Season 14, it appears as if Vantage will be next, but they won’t be alone, as Respawn is seemingly tapping into some of the backstory they’ve already laid out for Bloodhound with the arrival of a deadly foe too.

Bloodhound with a downed Goliath in Apex Legends
Bloodhound has fought Goliaths before, and will likely have to do so again.

On June 5, Apex Legends YouTuber ThordanSmash claimed that Vantage will be the next legend to arrive in the Apex Games – complete with her sniper kit that we’ve seen in previous leaks.

As well as the new legend, the YouTuber stated that Vantage will also play a part in a Safari hunting event on Storm Point, where players will come face-to-face with a Goliath. These Goliaths have been seen in Apex before through Bloodhound’s Tales from the Outlands video.


The massive beast will likely roam around Forbidden Zone – also known as Jurassic Park to some players, given the fence and habitat in the area – and will supposedly “two-shot” players with red armor on. So, they’re not to be trifled with.

Of course, while the YouTuber has had some solid sources previously for upcoming changes, nothing is confirmed until Respawn says so.

As noted, Season 14 is set to get underway in early August and it’ll be a few weeks before we even start getting teasers for the new season. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.