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Apex Legends leak claims new Legend classes are coming soon

Published: 4/Jun/2022 16:32 Updated: 4/Jun/2022 16:33

by Joe Craven


Fresh Apex Legends leaks point to new Legend classes coming soon, with developers Respawn potentially seeking to placate players who have demanded greater variety in the characters added. 

Currently, Apex Legends has 21 playable Legends but only four Legend classes. They are Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support, solidifying the Legends into what purpose they will serve players.

However, recent seasons have seen criticism mount for the game’s character pool, with many fans demanding more Support Legends. As of Season 13, only Loba and Lifeline explicitly fall under Support, while there are nine Offensive Legends.

Furthermore, there are some Legends – like Valkyrie – whom players believe are more movement-based than explicitly Recon.


Valkyrie Apex Legends Ultimate
Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie can hover like no one else in the Apex Games.

While new leaks do not guarantee Support legends, they do hint at new Legend classes coming soon, suggesting that the game’s existing characters could be recategorized and maybe even see their abilities refined so as to better fit into their class.

The information comes by way of ThordanSmash on Twitter, who has previously leaked details relating to LTMs in the past.

In a June 3 video, he claimed that new Legend classes will be added to the game moving forwards. He said: “This will shift the meta and allow for new passives and fixes for characters who are in classes that don’t fit their kit anymore [given] the amount of legend abilities.”


While details relating to what form the new classes will take were not available, the insider commented that there should be ‘at least three’ new Legend classes added to Apex.

A likely addition seems to be mobility, which would allow movement-based Legends like the aforementioned Valkyrie and others like Octane to be classed around their powerful and unique ultimate abilities.

Naturally, the accuracy of past leaks does not guarantee the veracity of these and they remain unconfirmed until EA or Respawn announces them. Presuming they are in the works though, the refinement of Apex’s Legend pool and abilities seems to point towards improvements coming soon.