Apex Legends players convinced they’ve found invisible ability clue for new Legend

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An in-game magazine has some Apex Legends players convinced that the next new addition to the roster will boast invisible abilities.

Of course, Apex has played host to a character, specifically Mirage, with invisibility-based skills in the past. A post-launch patch for the game expanded Mirage’s cloaking ability, allowing the character to fully turn invisible when cloaked.

The Season 5 update took things a step further, making it difficult to spot Mirage and a teammate during revivals or the use of a Respawn Beacon.

His powerset in this regard has since been dialed back a bit. But players think they’ve found evidence to suggest cloaking in full will soon return to Apex Legends.

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In-game Apex Legends art may tease invisible powers for new hero

Apex player iandelacerna shared a screenshot on the game’s subreddit of a magazine boasting the following line of text: “The New Science of Invisibility.”

The text sits atop an image of a partially cloaked soldier wielding an assault rifle. Notably, the cloak renders the character’s bottom half invisible.

The Reddit user asked fellow fans whether this may constitute a “possible teaser for a new Legend.” It certainly doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

While some think a new hero of this type could join Apex, other Redditors aren’t convinced given Mirage’s history with invisibility.

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In addition, there are those who believe the magazine may merely serve as another Titanfall easter egg. One person suggested the pictured soldier is Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack Cooper.

Whatever the case, it would seem many Apex Legends players remain eager to give invisibility skills another chance to shine.