Apex Legends hop-up rework could shake up the meta

Jacob Hale

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Hop-ups can be the difference between a kill or a death in Apex Legends, allowing you to improve your weapon with one Epic or Legendary attachment.

These attachments come only in the rarest varieties, and change each season, meaning that every few months there’s a fresh way for you to shake up how you play or use specific guns.

For example, Season 5 brought back Skullpiercer Rifling, which was first seen in Season 2. You can stick it on your Longbow DMR or Wingman and increase their headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.5 and 2.25, respectively.

Apex Legends Double Tap Trigger Hop Up
Hop Ups, such as the Double Tap Trigger, can be attached to certain weapons to make them considerably stronger.

Naturally, this means that each season players look forward to the new hop-ups that will be available, either as a completely new introduction or the return of old favorites.

One player, though, has taken matters into their own hands, by creating a host of potential new hop-ups that they believe Respawn could introduce into their battle royale title, and they sound particularly interesting.

Sharing their ideas on Reddit, Angry_Worgen showed off what could be some interesting additions to Apex Legends.

  • Barrel Synchronizer (Legendary) — Compatible with: Alternator
    • Allows the weapon to fire two bullets at a time, but halves the fire rate.
  • A.P. Rounds (Legendary) — Compatible with: Longbow DMR, Mastiff
    • Deals damage split equally between health and shields.
  • Rapid Fire (Legendary) — Compatible with: G7 Scout, Wingman
    • Increased fire rate at the cost of reduced damage and increased recoil.
  • Ricochet Rounds (Epic) — Compatible with: Spitfire, EVA-8
    • Bullets will bounce off of surfaces and deal reduced damage (40% after first bounce, 15% after second bounce).
  • Heatsink (Epic) — Compatible with: L-Star
    • This weapon can fire longer before overheating. Also reduces the time of manual cooldown.
Apex Legends new hop up ideas
These Apex Legends hop ups could shake up the meta.

These ideas could definitely help shake up the guns that are predominantly used in the game, as well as help make some more viable.

The A.P. Rounds could greatly help if you get into a gunfight on the edge of the zone, taking health from enemies in the storm could help you fight off those pesky enemies holding you back. After all, they take both shield and regular HP.

Obviously, these ideas make for some interesting consideration, but whether they would actually be viable in the game is a whole other question. As Worgen says, they are not an expert on game balance or anything similar, although the Apex devs may yet take inspiration from these ideas.

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