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New Apex Legends hitboxes test proves playing as Pathfinder might be a HUGE disadvantage

Published: 23/Feb/2019 3:27 Updated: 23/Feb/2019 8:16

by Albert Petrosyan


One of the more popular Legends used in Apex Legends is the Pathfinder, but a glaring issue with its hitboxes may prove to be a huge disadvantage. 

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Hitboxes are invisible markers and shapes used in video games to detect real-time collisions. They are what determine if and when things things in a game make contact with a character, such as bullets, explosives, vehicles, elements of the environment, etc…

This means that in order to inflict damage upon an enemy player, one must make sure that the bullets they are firing come into contact with the enemy Legend’s hitboxes, or else they’ll just whiz by harmlessly.


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With this in mind, Reddit user ‘Wpns_Grade,’ has published a video on Reddit in which the hitboxes of certain Legends are tested and compare to that of other Legends.

What came out of the test was a rather unexpected and worrying result, as it showed that the hitboxes of the Pathfinder are a lot larger than they’re supposed to be.

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The procedure of the test was simple – the player started off by firing bullets at the oulining areas of the Bloodhound, such as above his shoulders, between his legs, around his head, and on and on.


The bullets were shown to be making contact only when they actually were visibly striking his body and head, showing that the Legend’s hitboxes were coded in pretty much perfectly.

However, when performing the same test on the Pathfinder, the bullets were making contact with the frame of its body even when the weapon was aimed beyond its outline, proving that the hitboxes were not nearly as clean as that of the Bloodhound. 

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Of course this result should be pretty worrying to those who like to run the Pathfinder as their main Legend, since there is strong evidence that it has a glaring disadvantage.


This also presents a perfect opportunity to see how fast Respawn Entertainment react when certain issues like this get exposed, and the player-base will get a good taste of the developers’ work ethic when it comes to addressing in-game problems.

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Is what you saw in the video above enough to convince you to stay away from playing as the Pathfinder? Or do you believe that this isn’t that big of a deal? Let us know by tweeting @Dexerto and sharing your thoughts!