Apex Legends fans want Warzone & Fortnite-like LTM with just one-weapon type

Connor Bennett
Ash in Apex Legends running with CAR SMG

Apex Legends players want Respawn to follow Warzone and Fortnite with a one-weapon type only LTM or event that would bring chaos to the Apex Games.

Ever since Apex Legends was first released by Respawn back in February of 2019, players far and wide have been chipping in with their suggestions for changes – both in terms of additions and removals.

Plenty of players have focused on legend reworks and even new characters – with quite a few ideas getting appreciation for just how well throughout and balanced they’ve been.

Then, you have players who have come up with event and limited-time mode ideas. They’re a little more wild and can split opinions – including a new one that would shake up the weapon pool drastically.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex has had its fair share of creative LTMs.

The idea was put forward by Redditor MrFeature_1, who asked their fellow players what they’d do if a new game mode was implemented and they could use weapons of one ammo type.

Yes, that would mean reducing the loot pool to only light ammo weapons, only heavy ammo, and even only energy weapons depending on how Respawn wanted to cycle things in and out.

Naturally, some players stuck with their favorite weapon types, but it gave others some dastardly ideas. “Snipers, only to watch the world burn,” said Bernbiz. “Shotguns. Force people to fight close range. Absolute carnage,” added MadeOfBrass. Others suggested a Robin Hood-style setup where players can only use the Bocek Bow.

Rather than being an LTM that is used frequently, it could be something that pops up around April Fools as it would fit that vibe, as some players noted.

The Shotgun and Snipers-only ideas got some love from players who noted it’s been done before. Both Warzone and Fortnite have had similar modes, and fans loved them there.

Though, who knows if Respawn would go about adding an LTM like that, seeing as it’s been done before a few times over.