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Wild Bocek Bow buff idea is perfect for a new Apex Legends LTM

Published: 28/Nov/2021 14:23

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has got a wildly powerful buff idea for the Bocek Bow, but it actually might be better suited for an LTM or even April Fools. 

Ever since Apex Legends first launched back in February of 2019, players have been taking to social media to throw out their ideas for changes, as well as suggesting new legends and maps.

As the battle royale continues to go strong in Season 11: Escape, so too have the suggestions. Players are still hoping Respawn add a kill cam – even though they’ve explained why it’s unlikely – and have suggested changes that would give pistols some love. 


The Bocek Bow, which has slipped down in the weapon tier lists, has also been the subject of fan discussion and ideas. However, there is one buff suggestion that is so wild, it might actually be perfect for a new game mode.

apex legends bocek bow and fuse
Respawn Entertainment
The Bocek Bow is very dangerous in Apex Legends, once you know what you’re doing.

The idea comes from Redditor Liildank who suggested that the Bocek Bow should have a hop-up in-game that allows them to add a grenade to their bows and make an explosive tip.

In terms of trying to make it balanced, the Redditor suggested that players would suffer from a two-second delay if they wanted to equip either a frag or thermite greater to the bow.


Naturally, the idea drew some support from Apex fans, but many others simply laughed it off as being too powerful for the normal mode. However, it could be better suited for a new LTM of some kind. “This would be funny for an event, but not for the normal game,” said one player. “(For) an event is fine, never ever wanna see this in ranked,” added another.

Bow buff from apexlegends

Some players suggested that it could be perfect for April Fools, like how Respawn has buffed the Mozambique before and made it incredibly strong. “This has major April Fool’s vibes,” added another commenter.


Bringing back items, and testing new ones, via an LTM has been a popular suggestion from players before, but who knows if this idea – or something like it – will ever see the light of day in-game.