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Apex Legends fans demand Crypto rework after seeing what Valkryie’s capable of

Published: 31/May/2021 14:16

by James Busby


The release of Valkyrie has caused many Crypto fans to weigh in on whether or not the Surveillance Expert should receive a mini rework. 

Apex Legends is filled with all kinds of Legends and while some may prove stronger than others, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. One Legend that has continually divided the community is Crypto. Not only does the Surveillance Expert have one of the most intricate kits, but he also has one of the most complex playstyles in the entire game.

This is in direct contrast to Valkyrie, another Legend that offers great intel on enemy squads. In fact, Valkyrie has proven so potent that Respawn has already nerfed her VTOL Jets. Despite having her wings clipped, many Crypto mains are still unhappy with how she performs in contrast to intel gathering Legend. 


Crypto fans call for Legend rework

Crypto Drone
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto’s drone can leave the Legend at a disadvantage.

While Crypto may be extremely strong when mastered, the tech-loving Legend requires a lot of skill to utilize effectively. This contrasts Valkyrie, who can reveal enemies when skydiving, effortlessly reposition with VTOL Jets/Skyward Dive, and instantly engage enemies with Missile Swarm. 

These clear strengths have led many Crypto fans to call for a rework, mainly to his drone. “I’d like his drone to work like Mirage’s holograms. You can just throw the drone down and then hit another button to activate it and enter it,” says Jedi_Outcast. “If I want the drone to watch a room, it takes a minimum of around 6 seconds which is a long time in combat.”


The current Apex Legends meta largely revolves around getting in and out of combat quickly, especially if you wish to reduce your chances of getting third-partied. Unfortunately, Crypto’s drone does make the Legend incredibly vulnerable. “You need to go slow with Crypto and the current meta is to charge in for kills,” says Phusra. “Hard to play with that and against that when it takes over 5 seconds just to enter or exit the drone. It should be instant.” 

Crypto drone Respawn
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto’s drone makes recovering and respawning allies incredibly easy.

Of course, some don’t wish to see a rework or addition of a passive ability to the Surveillance Expert. “Gotta add this, Crypto is like Wattson. If you don’t use them right or just don’t bother to learn them, they’re quite garbage, but the second you invest time and skill into them… you become a menace,” says ValkittyTheBestKitty


Crypto is the only Legend that can recover his teammates’ banners without ever having to put himself in danger, while also using Survey Beacons and Respawn Beacons instantly. If that wasn’t enough, the Legend can also disable traps and damage shields. The benefits of playing Crypto are certainly there, but he requires a lot of skill to utilize, unlike some other Legends. 

Whether Respawn will rework Crypto in a future update remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like the Recon’s work will continue to be largely underappreciated.