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Apex Legends leak reveals Crypto ‘heirloom’ sight in the works

Published: 28/May/2021 13:32

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that a ‘heirloom’ optic is in the works for Crypto, and it could be released in the near future.

There are plenty of different cosmetics to get your hands on in Apex Legends, ranging from character skins to weapon wraps, emotes, and much more. However, the most sought-after are heirlooms.

Heirlooms are melee weapons that play into a character’s lore and backstory, and there is always plenty of attention on which one is going to be released next.

Crypto has long been rumored to be next-in-line for an heirloom, with rumors ranging from him getting a knife to a katana. Yet, he could also be getting something entirely different as well.


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Respawn Entertainment
There have been a tonne of rumors about Crypto cosmetics.

Apex Legends leaker HumanSAS revealed there is a Crypto-themed weapon sight in the game’s files, and it is tagged as an ‘heirloom’.

After noting the ‘heirloom’ tag, plenty of players quickly became confused and questioned why Crypto’s heirloom appeared to be a weapon attachment rather than his own melee weapon.

Other leaks cleared up the confusion, however, saying it won’t replace Crypto’s actual heirloom. “This is an optic for guns much like the HCOG,” replied GarretLeaks. “I don’t know why it has the name referring to an heirloom in the files but its nothing to do with it atm.”


The leak is also interesting given that we’ve not seen legend-themed sights in Apex before, and it could be something that Respawn moving forward with.

There is a whole host of possibilities for them, and it would no doubt peak the interest of players.

As for Crypto’s actual heirloom, well, we’ll just have to wait and see on that front. It should be a melee weapon like the others, but what the weapon of choice will be is anyone’s guess.