Apex Legends players call for major changes to ranked points

Apex Legends diamond ranked logo at EstatesRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have suggested a few ways for Respawn Entertainment to change their current Ranked point system, with players wanting rules put in place so high-ranked players can’t just farm lower levels.

Most Apex Legends players stick to normal battle royale mode, looking to pick up as many kills and wins as they can before logging off for the night. More hardcore players, though, played the Ranked mode.

In Ranked, you have to put your Ranked Points on the line and tick off a few different things – placement, kills, damage, etc – to start progressing to the higher levels.

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For some players, though, they believe the current system is broken and rewards players who just look to farm lower-ranked players instead of constantly going up against players of their own skill level. That’s led to some discussion over what they want to be changed.

Apex Legends ranks.EA
Only the very elite can earn a spot as an Apex Predator.

Apex Legends fan PharrowXL kicked off the discussion with a simple idea: don’t give RP for kills if you eliminate a player who is actually low ranked for you to match in a game with.

“It’s time to discredit KP for Predators vs people below Diamond. That way, Predators have no incentive to farm low ranked lobbies for kills,” they said.

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Other players quickly agreed, asking why Respawn doesn’t already do this. “If you aren’t allowed to party up with people below your rank why in the world should you be forced into a lobby with them,” said one. “Anyone who kills an unfortunate low rank in a high-rank game should not get RP from the kill,” added another, opening the net wider than just punishing Predator ranks.

While the overall feeling for the change was positive, some suggested that it could drive Predator players away. “This just makes the higher ranks frustrated that they’re getting no RP despite risking theirs,” commented user Davban. “The problem isn’t the Preds, it’s how Respawn designed the system,” another added.

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Given that there is a clear appetite for changes, and that Respawn listens to community frustrations quite frequently, we could see a change in the future. How that change would go, though, remains to be seen.