Apex Legends pro HisWattson explains why ALGS scrims are useless

HisWattson Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: HisWattson

FURIA pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin believes that Apex Legends scrims will “never” be good for helping ALGS teams improve.

While Apex Legends pro players can practice their mechanics, gun skills, and strategies in Ranked, it’s still a completely different environment when compared to competitive matches.

As a result, a lot of teams organize scrims which allow pro squads to come together and practice against each other as a collective.

These give teams a chance to test out unique strategies, contest landing spots, or just work on their coordination.

While a lot of pros see the value in scrims, FURIA star HisWattson explained on stream why he thinks they’re useless and don’t help teams improve.

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HisWattson Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
HisWattson is an esports pro player for FURIA.

HisWattson claims ALGS scrims do not improve teams

During his stream on January 26. HisWattson explained to his viewers why scrims in Apex Legends will “never be good” for helping teams improve.

According to him, as Apex is a battle royale that hosts 20 different teams in a single lobby, it’s possible to “lose, and it genuinely not be your fault”. This is different for 1v1 games, where it’s easy to identify your mistakes.

As a result, he argues that some Apex pros “use that as an excuse” and don’t look to improve their gameplay. Instead, choosing to blame their losses on problems in matches that are “out of their control”.

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In his experience, most “people don’t lose scrims and go wow, we should play better”, they prefer to say “we got griefed” or “this team contested us, they’re stupid”.

For him, this attitude towards scrims where the majority of teams “don’t care” about the result, makes them a poor environment for improving as a squad.