Apex Legends devs consider badge overhaul after Season 14 rewards issues

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends Ranked badge on storm point map

An Apex Legends dev has suggested that Respawn may make a change to badges, at least on the code side of things, to get around issues with rewards being handed out.

With the start of any new Apex Legends season, it’s more than just the new legend, new items, and weapons that players look forward to. Many of them quickly look to see what rewards they can get their hands on.

The majority of these rewards come in the form of badges and trackers that can be used to deck out your player banner that displays if you’re the Apex Champion – as well as when you eliminate an enemy player.

The upper echelon of these badges are those given out for Ranked play – so you can display the fact you’re an Apex Predator or Top 500 player to the world. Though, with the start of Season 14, there have been some issues on the rewards front.

Respawn could over overhaul Apex Legends badges after rewards issues

At the start of the season, players reported that they were lacking some of the rewards they’d earn, and urged Respawn to correct things. It took a little longer than planned, but the Apex developers managed to get things ironed out.

As a result of the issues, Respawn’s RobotHavGunz – the game’s technical designer – has suggested there will be a change made to the code to make it easier to dish out badges in future. “Badges are a much more complex system than they might appear, and so EA support literally cannot do anything to help these players,” they commented on the Apex subreddit.

“We can’t just “give” players these specific badges (because of how the system is built), though rewriting the badge system so that we can do exactly that is increasingly looking like it might be the best option.”

If the changes are made, it wouldn’t mean an influx of new badges or rewards, but rather it’d just be easier to claim them. Nor would you see anything in the menus, it would all just be done under the hood with the game’s coding.

There likely wouldn’t be a two-week wait before they finally appear in your account, as we’ve seen happen previously. So, it would be one less headache.