Apex Legends devs finally fix missing packs glitch after Season 14 changes

apex legends packRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has finally given Apex Legends players their missing packs for going past the Level 500 cap lifted in Season 14. Players will be able to redeem the rewards automatically the next time they log in after August 23.

Apex Legends players rejoiced when Respawn finally lifted the long-instituted Level 500 cap in the battle royale. It now goes all the way up to Level 2000, with players being able to get an extra 345 packs on the grind to the top.

However, when it finally went live as part of Season 14, those rewards weren’t being dished out. If you leveled up past 500 (and back down to Level 1 before climbing back up), you’d get some points but not the packs. This angered players, who thought their hard earned rewards would go missing.

Respawn have been working on a fix for a couple of weeks, and it finally went live on August 23.

“We have many different systems in our game that keep track of players’ levels, rewards, and overall progress in the game,” senior community manager ‘Kalyrical’ explained

“In a normal situation, all these systems talk to each other and work in tandem, but when updating our level cap, some of these systems started to get mismatched. As a result, players would be able to see their progression go up, but rewards would not be granted.”

While the fix “took a little longer than [Respawn] initially hoped”, they are promising to make it up to players by backdating the rewards. All players need to do is log in after August 23, and any missing packs will go straight into their inventory.

As for avoiding similar mishaps in the future? Respawn is keeping a close eye on things ⁠— especially when it comes to players’ hard-earned packs.

“We have set more checks to make sure that when things are out of sync, the game will automatically check and grant the appropriate rewards.”