Apex Legends R-301 and Rampage set to be in Replicators in Season 13

Bill Cooney

New official screenshots of the changes coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 13 also give us a teaser of what weapons will be included in the upcoming Replicator rotation.

Replicators are crafting stations in Apex turn materials gathered on the map into loot. These hubs have ten slots: two change daily, two change weekly, and six are permanent for the season.

Along with a blog post detailing the changes coming to Storm Point for Season 13, Apex devs at Respawn have also given us a preview of what weapons will be in these permanent slots.

R301 and Rampage moved to replicator in Apex Season 13

Storm Point will be getting a number of changes for Season 13.

In an image of the newly revamped Storm Point map for Season 13, Respawn also included a look at the upcoming permanent crafting rotation.

How do we know these will be the permanent items? Simply put, because there’s six of them, and as we mentioned before each season has six permanent items that don’t leave the Replicators.

For Season 13 the Rampage and the ever-popular R301 will be available for crafting. For some players, it will definitely make looting easier, as the R301 is one of the most popular weapons in the game.

Respawn Entertainment
The R301 is a go-to weapon for a lot of players, and in Season 13 we won’t have to rely on ground loot to find one.

The Rampage might not be as popular as the R301, but definitely provides an option for more firepower, should players choose. Not to mention, it can be charged up with Thermite grenades for an extra kick as well.

If you look closely at the map image, it seems that both weapons will cost 30 crafting material to produce in the Replicators. So, if you’re a fan of either the R301 or the Rampage, there’s a little something extra you have to look forward to in Season 13.

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