Apex Legends dev gives cryptic response as Season 14 storm changes frustrate players

Joe Craven

Apex Legends Senior Producer Josh Medina has offered a cryptic response after Season 14 storm changes prompted a frustrated response from the battle royale’s player base.

Apex Legends Season 14 dropped on August 9, bringing the typical meta shakeup and, as has become customary with new seasons, a fresh legend in the form of Vantage.

Alongside the new content and weapon adjustments were a host of alterations to the game’s storm. The devs increased the first ring damage from 2 to 3 HP per tick and reduced the pre-shrink time from 3 minutes to 1 minute. In short, the ring now does more damage and closes in faster.

In response, players have been frustrated by the two-pronged changes, claiming that they are forced to ‘fight’ the storm more than actual opponents and the adjustments have gone overboard.

Respawn dev responds amid Season 14 storm changes backlash

It has actually gone under the radar to this point but, shortly after Season 14 went live in-game, Respawn’s Josh Medina did offer a somewhat cryptic response to the complaints.

Apex Legends’ Senior Producer asked players for their early impressions, to which one player pinpointed the storm changes as an issue. They said: “Either make it hit harder or make it go faster but I don’t see the need for both… I understand its to keep people from camping and crafting but it’s too much”.

Replying, the dev simply said: “Interesting take on circle change.”

It’s a fairly vague response but one that shows the dev team is well aware of player feedback, and could therefore hint at changes in the near future.

Respawn have regularly emphasized that decisions are taken based on a number of factors, of which player feedback is one.

However, any changes will surely come following data tests and internal feedback, rather than plowing ahead with reversions based on immediate fan-base frustrations.

It’s bound to be interesting to see how the situation develops but, for now, familiarise yourself with all the Season 14 changes and drop in as Vantage.

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