Apex Legends dev confirms big changes for broken Ranked Arenas

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends trio of chartacter pointing weapons outwards

The Ranked Arenas mode in Apex Legends is set to undergo a handful of big changes, especially when it comes to matchmaking and Arena Points.

For most Apex players, the only way to play the game is to jump into the normal battle royale but there are different ways to play as well.

Arenas was added to the mix at the start of Season 9: Legacy, and the mode has proven to be a hit. The unique 3v3 fight mode has its own economy and smaller maps, making for some fast-paced gameplay that is different from what you’d usually expect.

Though, while the mode has been popular, it has issues, especially in Ranked play. Fans have complained about the matchmaking – with random teams being wildly unbalanced at times – as well as the distribution of Arenas Points (AP). Yet, that all looks set to change.

apex legends arenas
Apex has a pretty wild world of its own.

On October 7, complaints were once again aired by players who noted that their grind was all for naught after losing one match, given they lost more of their AP in the process.

Responding to one annoyed played, Robert West – one of Respawn’s senior devs for Apex – said tev hat positive changes are in the works.

“We’re working on making the Ranked Arenas experience better! We have some matchmaking and AP improvements in the pipe and will of course keep updating as we go,” the dev said, noting that there bug fixes to come as well.

West noted that the extreme loss of Arenas Points comes either because your AP is way higher than your MMR but this “shouldn’t really ever happen.”

Secondly, if you lose to a much lower-rated team, you may also lose big points, but this is also being addressed. “This should also be better after the update,” he added.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline on when these adjustments will be rolled out, but knowing they’re coming should encourage Arenas players to fight on and not quit.

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