Apex Legends dev claims cheating is at its lowest level ever in Ranked

Alex Garton
Apex Legends cheaters

An Apex Legends dev has revealed that cheating and hacking in Ranked is at its lowest level ever thanks to “improved detection”.

As with any battle royale, Apex Legends suffers from cheaters that use third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

While these hacks are used in every mode, they’re particularly common in Ranked where competitors are more desperate to win and climb up each of the game’s tiers.

This has been a major criticism from the community towards Respawn, which claims the anti-cheat team needs to do more to prevent cheaters from ruining matches.

Well, a dev has now responded to this frustration from players by revealing that there are fewer cheaters and hackers in Ranked than ever before.

Apex Legends dev hackers
Apex Legends Season 13 arrives on May 10.

Apex dev claims Ranked has fewer cheaters than ever before

Taking to Twitter on May 10, Security Analyst at Respawn Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford responded to a tweet criticizing the team for not implementing anti-cheat improvements over the last year.

Hideouts began by pointing out that he is no longer the only anti-cheat specialist working on Apex Legends, explaining that Respawn has employed a full team to work on targeting players using third-party software.

Not only that, he revealed that thanks to “improved detection” there are fewer cheaters in Ranked lobbies than ever before compared to previous seasons.

“We have a full team now, much improved detections and are seeing less cheaters in ranked lobbies over all than in previous seasons,” he wrote.

Although the battle is far from over when it comes to clearing out hackers from Apex Legends, it’s obvious that the devs have taken steps over the last year to ban more cheaters from Ranked.

However, it’s clear the community expects more changes to be implemented over the next few seasons and don’t want Respawn to take their foot off the pedal when it comes to punishing the use of third-party software.

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