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Apex Legends could be adding Season 0 LTM with OG Kings Canyon map

Published: 12/Apr/2022 15:09

by Alex Garton


Security Analyst at Respawn, Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, has hinted that there could be an Apex Legends Season 0 OG Kings Canyon LTM in the future.

Nothing gets the Apex Legends community more excited than new content and with Season 13 on the horizon, the hype is starting to build.

With leaks and teasers pointing towards the arrival of Newcastle and even a set of new weapons, it’s safe to say the playerbase is waiting on the edge of their seat for early May.

Despite this, sometimes it’s nice to take a trip back in time and revisit the good old days.


Although the devs have done this in the past with the return of the OG Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge maps for the Genesis Collection event, they’ve never brought back the true day one experience.

Apex Legends skull town
Respawn Entertainment
Season 13 is expected to arrive in early May.

Apex Legends Season 0 Kings Canyon LTM teased

On April 11, Security Analyst at Respawn, Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, took to Twitter and started a poll for the community that asked whether they’d like to see an OG Apex LTM that included base characters and weapons from day one or launch.

The LTM would take place on the original Kings Canyon map and include the base stats of the weapons that were around in Season 0.


With the balancing being completely different back then, it’d be interesting to see how broken certain Legends and guns were in comparison to today.

Overall, the poll received a total of over 26,000 votes, so it’s safe to say the idea got the community excited.

While Hideouts isn’t a developer at Respawn, it’s possible this could be a teaser for a future LTM or at least a way to test the waters for a potential idea.

There’s so much nostalgia for the old days of Apex, especially when it comes to the locations like Thunderdome, Skull Town, and Cascades.


However, a chance to truly experience day one gameplay would be a first for a lot of Apex players and would definitely generate a lot of hype if it arrived with a collection event.