Massive Apex Legends leak reveals 5 unreleased weapons: AR, pistol, SMG, more

Apex Legends leaked weaponsRespawn Entertainment

In a wave of Apex Legends leaks that have surfaced online, a set of unreleased weapons have been shown off from insider footage, including new footage of what is believed to be the Nemesis AR, Fanatic pistol, and more.

As with any insider leak, the game footage is clearly still in the development stage, with various placeholders and other indications these weapons are not the finished product. The leak also included unreleased Legends.

Given that Apex typically only releases new weapons once a season, or even once every other season, it’s likely that these weapons still have a lot of time in the development pipeline before they are ready for release.

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Still, in what is possibly the biggest leak of future Apex content yet, video footage of these weapons in action has been posted to Reddit, by a throwaway account.

Unreleased weapons leaked for Apex Legends

In total, there are five new firearms revealed in the leaked footage.

The video starts with the “Scorpion C80“, which appears to rapidly fire Arrows. This is followed by the Maelstrom, which is using the Devotion model in the footage.

The leak then shows the Nemesis Energy AR, which has already been leaked by Apex themselves, and so appears the furthest along in development. Then there is the Fanatic pistols, shown akimbo in the leak, which was also previously leaked. Finally, there is the Gemini, which appears to be a new SMG, using the R-99 model in the leak.

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The leaker has deliberately kept themselves anonymous, originally posting the leaked footage with a ‘throwaway’ Reddit account.

Despite the footage displaying a KralRindo watermark, this particular leaker has denied any involvement in the content and believes the real leaker is effectively framing them for it.

While it’s all a bit messy, it’s clear that a lot of early content has been revealed well ahead of Respawn’s schedule, which will be concerning for the studio.

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Also included in the leak were the names and abilities of numerous unreleased Legends, as well as new modes they are supposedly working on and various skins.

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