Apex Legends confirms Rampart working for Titanfall 2 villain in Season 6

Blisk and RampartRespawn Entertainment

New Apex Legends character Rampart will be working with Titanfall 2 villain Kuben Blisk in some capacity heading into Season 6’s long-teased storyline, according to the final piece of the puzzle revealed in Respawn’s latest teaser.

The Apex Legends fandom has long suspected the next Legend to drop into Respawn’s huge battle royale, turret-loving Rampart, is working alongside the infamous Apex Games founder Kuben Blisk.

In-game teasers, throwaway voice lines, and more, all point in the exact same direction; the Titanfall 2 antagonist will play a role in Rampart’s debut, and maybe even her whole Season 6 storyline.

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Up until now, however, it’s mainly been fan theories that have fueled this team-up. Rampart’s late Season 5 teasers have referenced Blisk ⁠— some even show graffiti drawings of his face ⁠— alongside promises to not “let ya [Blisk] down.”

A new Season 6 teaser video, set to premiere on Tuesday, August 11, has now given us the biggest clue yet. Rampart and Blisk are clasping hands in the cover image of the soon-to-be-released “Stories from the Outlands” teaser.

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The cover image of the video, titled “The Endorsement,” only shows two hands, but there’s plenty of evidence to confirm it’s the pair. The hand on the right is definitely Rami Parekh (Rampart). She’s got her white gloves on in the image.

Blisk is all but confirmed to be the other. According to Apex Legends investigator ItzBlight, via popular data miner Biast12, that hand lines up perfectly with Kuben’s forearm bracer that appears in one of the original Apex teaser videos.

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Those same red and grey bracers can be seen on Blisk’s original character model from the Titanfall series, where he made his first appearance. Even the hand armor itself appears to be the same, confirming his spot in the August 11 teaser.

Blisk is wearing the same bracer and armor in the Apex Legends intro video (left) and on his Titanfall 2 character model (right).Respawn Entertainment
Blisk is wearing the same bracer and armor in the Apex Legends intro video (left) and on his Titanfall 2 character model (right).

What does Blisk’s appearance mean?

This does leave us with a few questions. Why is Blisk appearing in the trailer? What kind of role will he play in Rampart’s Season 6 storyline? Does this mean he’s back for good?

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All good questions, if we do say so ourselves. The last time we heard about the Apex Games founder was amid the big build-up to Season 5. Even then, that was just to say he was missing. “No one’s heard from the man in a year,” one of the Revenant teasers revealed back in February. “He could be dead.”

Only, he clearly isn’t dead ⁠— or won’t be whenever “The Endorsement” teaser is actually set time-wise ⁠— because he has to play a role in Rampart joining the Games. It’s likely he returns to bring her into the fold, backing her himself.

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Kuben Blisk has been missing for more than a year in the current Apex Legends timeline.Respawn Entertainment
Kuben Blisk has been missing for more than a year in the current Apex Legends timeline.

This would also make sense why Rampart is saying she has to “make [Blisk] proud”. She’d want to make sure she gets it right, especially if she’s been tapped up by the commissioner himself. The teaser name, “The Endorsement,” also fits this possible angle.

Rampart could battle Revenant and Loba

Up until this point in the battle royale, the biggest storyline has been Loba’s mission for revenge against Season 4 antagonist Revenant. Blisk may want Rampart inside the games so she can find out what’s been going on in his absence.

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Then again, he may not even be aware of it, and just thinks she would be a good addition to his semi-legal blood sport. He’s been away for a while — more than a year at this point in the Apex story — so he may not be up to speed just yet.

Blisk could just be endorsing Rampart for the Apex Games because she's good entertainment.Respawn Entertainment
Blisk could just be endorsing Rami Parekh for the Apex Games because she’s good entertainment.

There is one thing we can take from all of this, however; the Apex Predators villain is finally coming back into the storyline, and he’s sure to shake up the status quo. The South African mercenary may even lead the story for seasons to come.

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For now, all Apex Legends fans have to do to find out the answers is set their clocks. All these questions, and more, will be answered in the new “The Endorsement” animated short. The teaser will go live at 10am PT on Tuesday, August 11.