Simple Apex Legends Heat Shield tip is a late-game lifesaver

Ring Fury mode in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

This Apex Legends Heat Shield trick can be an absolute blessing for Legends that are stuck on low ground and need a way out.

Apex Legends is all about movement and survival and the Heat Shield is the primary Survival item in the game. It’s a crucial part of any player’s inventory, and it has myriad uses for a team that is stuck outside the ring.

While it has been a popular addition to the game since its arrival in the Chaos Theory Collection Event in 2021, it still holds some secrets that the majority of the player base is only now understanding.

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Not only can it be thrown onto Vantage’s companion, Echo, for a mobile shield, but this trick allows players to get some verticality out of a stationary shield too.

Apex Legends Heat Shield tip could save players from the ring

This tip is simple. If a team is trapped on low ground, such as the lower part of a cave or the interior of a building, there is still hope for the heat shield to save them when it’s time to move.

As seen in the video embedded below, one team was trapped under a bridge and desperately needed a Valkyrie ultimate to get into the ring and out of harm’s way. To the uninformed, it looked like a doomed situation, however, one player was prepared to take charge.

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They called for everyone to climb up and keep their feet just inside the small bit of the shield that was visible through the roof. Just this slight bit of contact was enough to protect them from the damage ticks, and they safely ferry themselves toward the next circle.

Valkyrie isn’t the only Legend who can benefit from this though. A Horizon lift or an Octane pad could also be thrown from this position to soar higher or to fly forward, opening up a bevy of options for a squad to reposition.

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Caution still needs to be applied though, as standing out in the open like this opens a squad up to be picked off by any enemies that might be lurking and watching for the Heat Shield to expire.

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