Apex Legends players attempt to climb Ranked without using guns

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A group of Apex Legends players is attempting to climb the Ranked ladder with one big handicap: they aren’t using guns.

For those who want to test their skills in Apex Legends while coordinating with a squad or playing solo, the Ranked playlist is usually the way to go.

Progressing through Ranked can be quite challenging, even with a dedicated team of three players. However, some players find the challenge of Ranked to be a bit too easy.

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Now, one group of Apex Legends players is embarking on their own Ranked challenge where they aren’t allowed to use guns to get kills and come out victorious.

Apex Legends players climb Ranked without guns

A video of the challenge gained traction on the Apex Legends subreddit, where content creator JohnnyPriceTV posted a clip of some of the victories he and his squad managed to achieve during the challenge.

The video showed Johnny as Horizon and his fellow team members playing Caustic and Fuse, using various tactics to survive throughout the match and make it to the final ring.

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When asked if this was a self-challenge or just brought on by a late respawn, the streamer confirmed it was a “challenge with two friends!  I rotate between a couple different people(whoever’s available), but we all do no guns. Got from bronze 4 – plat 3 (almost plat 2).”

The team clearly put a lot of thought into their squad composition, as each Legend has unique abilities that can perform well in this particular challenge. Specifically, the combination of Horizon’s Ultimate ability and Fuse’s reliance on collecting grenades makes for a potent combination when guns are off the table.

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The video itself is a brief montage of some of the team’s final circles, which prove to be chaotic and tense. While some were skeptical that the team was just ratting until the final circle, Johnny assured users that they were “pretty aggressive” during matches. “We cleared 8000 RP in like three streams. We just try to third fast and rotate.”

Going from Bronze 4 to Platinum 3 is respectable on its own, but doing so without using guns is quite the feat. Hopefully, JohnnyPriceTV and crew can climb even higher before Season 17 begins.

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