Apex Legends cheaters now have hacks to instantly get full armor

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A new Apex Legends hack is allowing cheaters to armor swap and equip attachments out of death boxes almost instantly.

While Apex Legends looks relatively simple at a glance, there are countless advanced mechanics that take some players hundreds of hours to fully master.

Whether it’s tap-strafing, wall bouncing, or punch-boosting, these advanced tricks may not look impactful at first, but they offer players a slight advantage over their opponents throughout a match.

One of the most important skills to learn in Apex is armor swapping, as it allows you to stay in a skirmish for longer and output more damage in a fight.

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Unfortunately, not everyone wants to put in the time to learn this skill and instead, are using hacks to instantly swap attachments and armor out of deathboxes.

Red Armor Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Armor swapping on console is incredibly difficult.

Apex Legends hack lets cheaters instantly loot death boxes

After being eliminated by a level 2 Wraith during a match on World’s Edge, Reddit user minsoup_ decided to spectate the player as their aim seemed to be strangely accurate.

It didn’t take long for minsoup_ to realize that their suspicions had been correct and the player was in fact using an aimbot.

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However, it wasn’t the cheater’s pinpoint aim that caught minsoup_’s eye, it was the player’s ability to instantly equip attachments and armor out of deathboxes in a split second.

Despite being on the move and not even facing the deathbox, the hacker was able to equip all upgraded attachments and armor in the blink of an eye.

While this may seem insignificant at first, it has the potential to be absolutely huge in the middle of an intense gunfight.

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Having the ability to continue firing while instantly equipping nearby armor makes it nearly impossible to die, and that’s not even counting the aimbot the hacker is using as well.

This is definitely a concerning sight for players as it shows hacks are getting more and more advanced. Let’s hope Respawn implements a more rigorous anti-cheat in the near future, or it’s possible the cheating problem may continue to get worse.

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