Apex Legends glitch ruins Care Package locations on Storm Point

Alan Bernal
apex legends care packagesRespawn Entertainment

A strange glitch in Apex Legends can leave Care Packages on the strangest parts of Storm Point, making them inaccessible to players seeking its high-tier loot.

Chronicled by one Apex player who wouldn’t give up on the case, the glitched Supply Drop landed on a cliffside perch that didn’t let them properly stand to freely claim its items.

This began the player’s unrelenting venture to at least get one item from the drop and was met with some semblance of success. Unfortunately for them, though, they weren’t able to properly loot up the package despite multiple attempts.

“The most frustrating Care Package on Storm Point,” Redditor ‘A1sauc3d’ said, and later added: “I was not expecting to struggle that much with it lol. Every time I flew up there I thought ‘I’ll get it for sure this time.’”

Even as Valkyrie, the player was at least able to reach the airdrop. But actually getting its contents into their inventory proved to be another challenge.

“Although I don’t think it actually matters what gun you currently have equipped,” A1sauc3d explained. “If you press interact on an optic that fits on your stowed gun, it will still swap it out for you.

“My problem here was that I couldn’t properly line up the jump-to-slip-n-slide to even have the option to interact with it lol.”

apex legends supply dropRespawn Entertainment
Supply Drops in Apex Legends carry high-tier loot for players to fight over.

We’ve seen similar bugs across Apex maps before which leave Care Packages in impossible places for players to reach. While it can be tempting for players to run to the beam that emanates from the drops, it can be deadly to run up to them.

Apex has been steadily updated to fix some of the more problematic bugs in the game but players wouldn’t mind if these instances would get addressed by Respawn Entertainment as well.