Apex Legends cheaters get amazingly outplayed and it’s so satisfying to watch

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A pair of Apex Legends cheaters were amazingly outplayed and destroyed by high-ranked players in a humiliating clip, and it’s extremely satisfying to watch.

Like many other games, Apex Legends has its fair share of cheaters – though not on the same level as Activision’s Warzone – and it’s certainly discouraging to experience.

However, when cheaters are outplayed by better players it’s very satisfying to watch. Especially when it’s not one, but two cheaters taking the loss.

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Apex Legends has risen to become one of the most popular battle royales thanks to its diverse characters, abilities and environments.

Redditor ‘AunixYT’ shared their hilarious POV on the Apex Legends subreddit, as they spectated obvious cheaters get completely obliterated by players that are quite simply – just better.

The cheaters were continuously using an aimbot to destroy others in the lobby. Fortunately, there are no cheats that can help with bad game sense and movement.

Two players recognized how bad the aimbotters were, and capitalized on their “noob-like” movement to embarrass them. The pair quite literally ran circles around the unsuspecting cheaters – using Wraith’s abilities to teleport them around.

The clip has reached the top of the Apex Legend subreddit, and Redditors have shown the skilled players an immense amount of love. “Props to those players for being absolute chads,” commented one user.

Whether it’s blatantly using third-party software for an advantage or abusing in-game bugs, it’s inevitable to encounter cheaters during your gaming sessions.

Fans have actually called on Respawn to improve the game’s anti-cheat, with some concerned that the prevalence of cheaters is increasing as Apex ages.

Regardless, it sure is amusing to watch them take the L.