Apex Legends fans slam “garbage” anti-cheat after embarrassing hacker clip

Pathfinder performing a finishing move in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has been targeted by hackers over the last few months and despite Respawn Entertainment’s anti-cheat efforts, it only seems to be getting worse.

Apex has seen a lot of turbulence over the last month, in particular. Whether it’s been an influx of cheaters, the extended server issues that plagued the game after update 10.3, or the revolving door of problems that is Wattson’s ultimate, some fans are starting to reach the end of their wits.

A new clip over on the game’s subreddit shows off exactly how easy it is for hackers to ruin an entire lobby, even if they’re not very good at the game. Although this doesn’t represent anything we didn’t already know about hacking in video games, seeing it with your own eyes only makes it feel worse.

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Respawn recently made significant additions to their security team to stop things like this from happening, but it hasn’t seemed to change the state of the game just yet.

Apex Legends anti-cheat comes under fire from dedicated players

Apex Legends invisible Pathfinder glitch is ruining gamesRespawn Entertainment
The Pathfinder in question had no use for his abilities and decided to win the game through his artificially superior aim.

In this clip, on World’s Edge, a Pathfinder –  who has only reached level player level 3 –  decimates a team in a fight outside on the highway outside of Fragment.

After winning the first fight, they take off towards an unsuspecting solo and eliminate them before moving on and eventually winning the game without using a single ability.

It’s clear that tension is escalating in the game’s community, as several players have already suggested boycotting Apex Legends until major changes are made. While that may not happen anytime soon, Respawn could be dealing with an exodus if things don’t start to trend upwards soon.

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One commenter highlighted how Apex’s anti-cheat initiative is not doing enough, saying that it’s pushing her away from the game: “I, personally, came seeking this very thing today. I played last night and I’m over it,” she said. “I came really close to deleting my game last night. I’m tired of the cheaters and the people who never move from the spawn so no matter how well I do, we still lose.”

Many others in the thread seemed to echo that sentiment, and another acknowledged how reporting players has not been effective at deterring them in the past.

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Another user said: “The thing that bothers me the most about this is just how blatant it really is… he’s level three, with a 4K, and 20 bomb. This dude is so unashamed because he knows that nothing is going to happen to him.”

If Respawn isn’t able to get the hacking problem under control, the long-term effects could prove disastrous for the game’s future.