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Apex Legends character concept would make looting up for the final circle much easier

Published: 31/May/2019 1:21 Updated: 31/May/2019 1:28

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community is quickly becoming one of the most creative groups in gaming by designing characters who would seamlessly fit into the game’s roster like this unique loot specialist.

Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale on February 4 and featured a cast of unique Legends who bring their own twists to a firefight.

Whether it’s the hyper aggressive Bangalore or the support medic Lifeline, every character brings a varying set of skills and advantages to improve a squad’s chance of coming out on top in Kings Canyon.

via Rock Paper ShotgunFinding good loot can be hard in the late-game, but not with this Legend.

Find the best loot and vault it for later in the game

Since content drops have been few and far between, Apex players like Reddit user ‘designty’ have been developing characters decked out with abilities and passives that introduce new ways of approaching the game.

In a May 30 post, designty put together a different kind of support Legend called that would add another bot to the roster if it ever made it into the game.

Their Legend is named “Monger” and is a green hooded robot who specializes in keeping itself and their team looted up when the RNG isn’t in their favor throughout various stages in the game.

Designty via RedditMonger would make sure teammates have enough loot for the latter stages of the game.

Monger’s passive is Master Key which lets it access “special randomly places loot crates that only Monger can open,” similar to Pathfinders Insider Knowledge in that only it can access survey beacons.

The legend has a tactical ability called Deposit where Monger can “store” items in their Loot Vault which can hold up to 10 stackable slots. This is aside from its active backpack slots, since the stored items can only be accessed via its ultimate.

Speaking of, Monger’s ultimate places its Loot Vault for their team to explore. A bit of caution would have to be used before dropping the Vault since anyone can rummage around in there, but will disappear after 30 seconds.

Season 2 Battle Pass is bringing tons of new content

Incredible character concepts like designty’s might have to hold until later since Respawn Enntertainment is getting ready to feed its fans a huge helping of content and features.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn is bringing new content in the coming weeks.

The Apex developers announced a new in-game event featuring an Apex Elite Queue while also bringing new skins as rewards for completing limited-time challenges.

It’s a good time to be an Apex Legends fan as it looks like the devs are going to start pumping content in their electrifying battle royale.

Apex Legends

What does Branthium mean in Apex Legends? Horizon & Ash Season 7 teasers

Published: 24/Oct/2020 17:35 Updated: 24/Oct/2020 18:06

by Calum Patterson


Amid all the teasers for Apex Legends Season 7, one word has been on the lips of a number of characters: Branthium. But, what is this? A location, material, or something else entirely? Here, we’ll put together all the clues to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The first time we heard the word Branthium in Apex Legends, it came from Ash, at the end of the Season 5 Broken Ghost quest.

Ash is the villain from Titanfall 2, who was recruited by Kuben Blisk, before she “died” at the hands of Jack Cooper, was put back together again, her memory wiped, and then her head split into parts and spread throughout Kings Canyon.

Once the Legends put her head back together, she spoke to them, and, as part of an unintelligible message, said: “all roads lead to Branthium.”

Ash saying Branthium in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Ash was the first time we heard ‘Branthium’ in Apex Legends.

What is Branthium in Apex Legends?

After the mention from Ash, in the first Twitter teaser for Season 7, Horizon (expected to be the next playable Legend), repeated the word “Branthium” in among all the static.

It later became clear that Horizon was repeating what Ash said – or, perhaps Ash was repeating Horizon.

Is Branthium a place?

The saying, “all roads lead to Branthium”, is undoubtedly a play on the common phrase “all roads lead to Rome.” Typically, this saying refers to “all paths or activities lead to the center of things” – it comes from Ancient Rome in the literal sense, when all roads started from the capital city.

So, at first, most theories believed Branthium was a place, possibly related to the planet Psamathe and its city, Olympus. Ash finished her monologue by saying “Welcome to Olympus.”

But, a spanner was thrown in the works of this theory by Horizon. In the latest Twitter teaser, Horizon says: “Just got to figure out how he can fuse the Branthium (or Brantium?) without critical mass.”

So, is Branthium actually some kind of element, or fuel, or material? This remains unclear, but it wouldn’t make sense for Ash (and Horizon) to say “All roads lead to Branthium,” if it was simply some kind of element.

This theory could line up though with the involvement of Hammon Robotics. The Planet Harvester which launched in Season 4 is being used by Hammond “to gather precious metals from the core of the planet for reasons unknown.” Is this metal Branthium/Brantium?

Perhaps, Branthium is both a place and an element, with the latter named after the former. Brantium could be a metal discovered on the planet Branthium? For now, we simply don’t know, but we’ll keep this post updated as more teasers emerge about this mysterious word, and what it could mean.

Season 7 is set to start on November 4 – a week earlier than initially planned – so we should learn a lot more then.