sweet confirms NRG Apex Legends roster is splitting up amid ALGS exit

NRG sweet confirms roster isn't staying togetherJoe Brady/ALGS

In an on-stream conversation discussing his future with NRG leaving Apex Legends, sweet confirmed that the full roster won’t be sticking together and that they’ll be going their separate ways.

Though they weren’t able to claim a big international title while they were playing in the ALGS, NRG’s Apex Legends team has certainly come close and their high level of skill really showed. They had a big following for a reason.

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The way NRG exited the ALGS left fans of the team wondering if they’d be able to see this roster re-united under a new banner in 2024. However, Christopher ‘sweet’ Sexton has confirmed otherwise.

While he plans to keep playing, sweet confirmed that the team felt the need to “mix things up” and that, while two of them may stick together, there’s no chance that the three of them will be on the same roster.

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NRG sweet confirms the team is splitting up after ALGS exit

While the trend of big esports orgs leaving Apex Legends over the past year or so has many scared for the future of the esport, there are still many teams looking to field rosters and get the best players under their banner.

As such, every member of NRG is bound to be a hot commodity now that they’re up for free agency. Not only do they perform well, but a player like sweet also has a strong brand and a good on-stream presence that makes him an obvious choice for prominent orgs.

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Though sweet has confirmed he intends to play in 2024, he doesn’t see the team sticking together next year.

“Two of us might stick together in some capacity, but we’re definitely gonna mix it up a little bit. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a couple issues for our team to cohesively play, so we’ll go from there. I’m excited to see what happens, excited to find a new home, but, more importantly, excited to keep playing Apex.”

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It isn’t yet clear where sweet, Nathan ‘Nafen’ Nguyen, or Zachary ‘Gild’ Dennis will end up in 2024 if all of them land a spot on new teams.

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