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Apex Legends bug hints at night version of World’s Edge

Published: 31/Jul/2020 9:42 Updated: 31/Jul/2020 9:55

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends bug might have just given fans an early look at World’s Edge’ night version, and to say it looks pretty interesting might just be an understatement.

Back in season three Respawn Entertainment briefly diverted from their usual map changes and gave Kings Canyon a different feel by putting out a night version. It was originally used for the Shadowfall LTM and proved so popular with fans that Respawn made it available as a part of the Grand Soiree event. 


With Kings Canyon having a night time-variant, fans have been reimagining World’s Edge in a similar vein. Some have dished out concept images that include having the lava around the map by the main source of light under a night setting.

However, it appears as if Respawn could finally be set to give fans what they want after a bug showed off parts of World’s Edge under a night sky. 

Kings Canyon at night in Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Kings Canyon at night was released back in season three and fans have wanted a World’s Edge version too.

It was pointed out by Reddit user Rumpost, who noted that during a recent game, they were respawned by their teammates and came back to a darker version of World’s Edge. 


“I thought it was just some glitch but then I got to Harvester and saw the lights!,” the Redditor commented, noting that everything was also “blue and darker” around the map. “This makes me think I glitched into a World’s Edge night map.”

However, sadly some might say, it seemingly didn’t last too long. Rumpost noted that their game ended up crashing out due to a Wraith portal, so, we haven’t got any shots of Fragment West or even Lava City under the dark sky. 

Worlds Edge at night? from apexlegends

Of course, the photo that the Redditor captured is certainly enough to spark speculation, but as of now, Respawn hasn’t said anything about the possibility of a nighttime World’s Edge. 


If it were to happen, and they followed the same release as Kings Canyon at night, we wouldn’t see until around Halloween. So, whatever happens, there is certainly a wait in store.