Apex Legends announces Apex Coin price adjustments in certain countries

Philip Trahan
Apex Coins and Apex Legends logo on red background

Apex Legends has announced that the price of Apex Coins in select countries will be adjusted to balance prices across all currencies.

As a free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends makes much of its revenue through in-game purchases surrounding cosmetic skins for things like Legends and weapons.

While players can unlock some of these cosmetics just by playing the game and opening Apex Packs, they are also sold in the in-game store and can be purchased with Apex Coins.

Now, Apex Legends has announced that the global prices of Apex Coins will be adjusted depending on the territory to better adjust the balance across all currencies.

Apex Legends will adjust Apex Coin prices

The announcements came from an official blog post on EA.com titled, “Global Price Adjustment Update.” The post was meant to notify players about “some price changes that will take effect from June 1, 2023.”

It seems as though currencies including USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, INR, UAH, AED, and VND will not see any changes on June 1, but countries outside of those regions may see an increase or decrease depending on the currency.

Notably, the GBP and CAD were not mentioned in the blog post, so these major currencies may very well see some sort of price adjustment after June 1 rolls around.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear which territories will see an increase or decrease in price, but the update did confirm that this change will “only impact real money transactions for the purchase of Apex Coins.”

Luckily, this means the cost to actually acquire in-game cosmetics will not change.

The blog post also mentioned the upcoming Threat Level event running from May 23, 2023 until June 6, 2023, and urged players planning to purchase Apex Coins for the event to do so before 2 AM PT on June 1.