Apex Legends devs accidentally leak Season 17 character & possible Smart Pistol

Apex legends new legend smart pistolTitanfall 2/Respawn

Key art for Apex Legends Season 17 was accidentally posted by EA in their article covering the Veiled collection event. It shows not only the new Legend, but also what appears to be a Smart Pistol.

The Veiled collection event is something players were certainly excited for, especially fans of Caustic. His new Prestige skin and finisher animation is something to get hyped for when it comes to longtime mains of the Legend, and there are a ton of other skins in there to get excited about along with a modified version of Team Deathmatch.

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However, the collection event wasn’t the thing Apex Legends players were most excited about when visiting the landing page. The header image appeared to be depicting the upcoming character being added to Apex Legends that has, as of yet, been unannounced.

The image was very quickly swapped out, only adding to speculation that EA in no way intended for players to get a look at him this early on. Also, he appears to be holding a smart pistol, a longtime favorite weapon from the Titanfall series.

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Apex Legends Season 17 new character accidentally leaked

The key art for the newest Legend was very quickly pulled, but some hawk-eyed Twitter users managed to grab screenshots of the key art at the top of the page.

From the URL of the image when pulled into another tab, known dataminer KralRindo has deduced that the new season will likely be called Arsenal. Either that, or it could be the name of the new Legend. It’s hard to say at this point, but images of him have piqued the interest of players speculating about his possible abilities.

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The newest legend appears to be a bit older than most of the cast with noticeably grey hair and a duster coat that gives him the vibe of a true gunslinger.

People have also noticed that his weapon has a striking resemblance to Titanfall’s Smart Pistol, something that has players speculating as to whether or not the iconic weapon will be making its debut in Apex Legends.

It’s as of yet unclear whether or not this Smart Pistol could be unique to the new hero’s kit, ground loot, or a care package weapon.

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XSET’s FunFPS didn’t exactly seem happy about its possible addition to the game. Even with how little information we have about the new legend so far, fans seem divided.