Pluto anime gets a mesmerizing final trailer and key visual

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There’s no denying that anime is slowly approaching its golden era. Well, that’s because each day, when we scroll down our social media feed, we come across several anime sequels as well as new anime series. One of the latest anime series that caught everyone’s attention is, of course, Pluto.

Pluto is an upcoming anime that took inspiration from Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. Basically, Urasawa re-crafted Osamu’s creation into a much darker environment. So, you could say Pluto is a spin-off series of the popular Astro-boy series.

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Moreover, anime enthusiasts must be already familiar with Urasawa, as he has given us series like Monster, which is said to be one of the best thriller anime series of all time. Even though it’s been decades since the Monster series ended, it is still considered legendary among the community.

So, you can understand why Pluto has the potential to become a massive hit, and well, the latest trailer suggests the same.

The Pluto anime series received the final trailer

The forthcoming anime series has previously given us glimpses of its events through short trailers, but Netflix recently released the main trailer, giving us an idea of what can be expected from the series.

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The 2-minute trailer, which obviously features spectacular animation, doesn’t reveal the entire storyline, but it gives us enough hints about the events. And, well, that’s enough to get the community thrilled about the anime series.

The trailer confirms that the anime will show the struggle of robots and humans as they try to coexist on Earth. The story will highlight the hatred that humans feel towards artificial life forms. On the other hand, we’ll see the Robots showcasing human emotions. There’s also a mention of artificial intelligence, and it would be interesting to see what role it’ll play in the story.

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In the end, it’ll be a story where Robots and humans will try to bridge the gap between them, and, of course, it’ll bless us with some spectacular and breath-taking action sequences.

Apart from the trailer, the streaming giant also released a key visual featuring the main characters and a mysterious robotic entity.

Pluto anime will feature eight episodes that will debut exclusively on Netflix later this month on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

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