What time is Pluto anime on Netflix?

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The highly-anticipated Pluto anime is almost here – so here’s what time the new show will drop on Netflix and be available to stream.

Netflix is adapting the Seinen classic manga Pluto, which Naoki Urasawa created in collaboration with Tezuka Productions to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka’s acclaimed Tetsuwan Atom.

The manga shifts the focus from Tezuka’s protagonist, Atom, to his supporting character, Gesicht, in order to root the plot in realism and represent the modern world through this sci-fi tale. The manga was published between 2003 and 2009, but it’s getting its anime adaptation for the first time.

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The series looks impressive in the trailer, which has stellar animation, beautiful character designs, and thrilling action scenes. Pluto has been creating quite the buzz ever since the trailer came out, and now the wait is almost over. Here’s exactly what time it’ll drop on Netflix and be available to stream.

Pluto anime release date and time on Netflix

Pluto anime will start streaming on October 26, 2023. It will be available to stream across various time zones. You can find your time zone below:

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  • 12am PDT
  • 3am EDT
  • 5am Brazil
  • 8am UK
  • 9am Central European Summer Time
  • 1:30pm India Standard Time
  • 7pm Australia
  • 9pm New Zealand

Pluto official trailer and plot

According to the official Netflix Anime YouTube channel, the synopsis of Pluto anime states, “A murder occurs in an orderly world where robots are unable to kill humans. The robotic Europol investigator Gesicht takes the case, but the mystery deepens when he finds no trace of a human at the scene of the crime.

“As he pursues the truth, Gesicht uncovers the most evil manifestation of hate that history has ever seen, one that is bent on bringing destruction to the world…”

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The story is set in the Astro Boy universe and follows robotic investigator Gesicht as he attempts to solve the mystery of a string of murders that have both robot and human victims, and all share a common calling card.

Robotic Europol detective Gesicht, a war veteran, is assigned to look into the unfortunate death of Montblanc. During his investigation, he finds evidence of a mysterious being known only as “Pluto.”

Additionally, he finds out about an evil scheme to destroy the eight specialized robots from different parts of the world that took part in the conflict. Gesicht struggles with his memory, morals, and a hostile society while fighting to defend the precarious coexistence of man.

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